7 Best 2 Person Desk for Big and Small Home Office

7 Best 2 person desk for big and small home office

We all need a place to work, but what’s important is finding the right one for you. A cozy corner doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it just needs enough space and good vibes so that your creativity and focus can flow without interruptions or distractions. So if you’re looking for the best two-person desks on the market right now, then keep reading. 

We have tested and ranked 7 different pieces of furniture from modern and sleek to more traditional styles. Whether you are looking to work together with a partner or want some extra space during those busy days as an entrepreneur who needs their office around them 24/7, we’ve got something perfect for you just waiting inside these lines:

SEDETA LED 94,5” Home Office 2-Person Desk

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One of the most spacious multifunctional workstation desks on the market right now. The large work surface allows you to do all your paper-based tasks without constantly spreading out on the floor or climbing over someone else’s shoulders while they’re trying to get some much-needed shut-eye at their computer!

We’ve also loved the features on this one. 

With 2 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports, this home office desk will make it easy for you to be powered up at all times. LED lights can also be controlled from anywhere using their remote control app! 

This 2-person computer desk has an adjustable foot pad to keep it steady even if you’re working on carpeting. Also, the monitor stand is a great way to reduce the tension and pain in your back, as it can raise two monitors up against an exact height. A keyboard tray comes with this product too!


  • Lots of office desk space. Easily supports multiple monitors and other accessories

  • Undoubtedly one of the two-person desks with the best quality/price ratio we have tested

  • Easy to assemble but might take longer than stated in the instructions

  • Sturdy and durable. Great finish and coloring


  • Some extra holes may need to be drilled to align the screws

  • Not actual wood, but still good quality material for the price

  • Dimensions: 21.6″D x 94.5″W x 30″H

  • Weight: 75 lb

  • Material: Engineered wood + Metal

  • Storage: 2 shelves + slide-out keyboard

BESTIER L-Shaped Home Office Desk with Shelves

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The designer who crafted this home office computer desk knew that function should meet style, so they were able to fit two monitors on one side without sacrificing space for other things like computers or printers. It also has three cable holes which make it even better in both your home and office!

You can choose between a 55″ corner desk or an 86.6′ long workstation desk! The longer option is perfect for when you want to share space with another person but need more room, while the smaller size will suit those who only require enough workspace near their computer without taking up too much valuable desktop real estate.

The flexible storage shelves can be installed at either right or middle when becoming an L-shaped desk; also available for left and central positions.


Two in one home office desk

Definitely sturdy and stylish

Adapted for tall people

A nice office desk at an affordable price


Not real carbon fiber but the effect is there and it’s cute

Storage is lacking a bit on the underside

Some assembly effort required

  • Dimensions: 

    L-shaped position: 55″D x 55″W x 29″H

    Long workstation position: 86,6″D x 55″W x 29″H

  • Weight: 68.12 lb

  • Material: P2 Particleboard

  • Storage: 4 shelves

TRIBESIGNS Home Office 2-Person Computer Desk

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In our opinion, this Tribesigns double workstation desk is one of the most space-efficient and comfortable double desk on the market today. This piece also creates a pleasant and warm feeling thanks to its rustic lines mixed with industrial touches.

The large desktop surface (78inch) with a storage shelf and lower bookshelf will provide you ample space to hold all of your belongings confidently and keep things organized in an easily accessible place.

The foot pads not only can be used on uneven ground to prevent scratches but also make adjustments of height for various demands.


Lots of shelf storage 

Sleek and sturdy

Just the right amount of space for a two people home office desk

Adjustable feet


If you have long legs you might hit the undershelf often

Scratches easily

  • Dimensions: 78.7 x 23.62 x 30.20” (LxWxH)

  • Weight: 70,54 lb

  • Material: Engineered wood + Metal

  • Storage: Open bookshelf + 2 Ter storage shelf

TRIBESIGNS 982 Home Office Desk for Two with Storage and Hutch

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Make your workspace more homey thanks to the design of this workstation desk. There’s plenty of room for all your things with this two-shelf hutch. You can use it as a bookshelf or put up some decorations on the shelves!

There is also an open area in between them where you could store other items like printer paper, pens and more without cluttering any given space too much. This way everything will be accessible at once while making sure they’re easily visible when needed most (such as during deadlines).


Multi-functional double desk

Stable structure

Long-lasting materials

Lots of extra space to place decorative items


A bit expensive but worth the value given

Some extra assembly efforts might be needed

  • Dimensions: 24″D x 98″W x 57″H

  • Weight: 125 lb

  • Material: E1 Class Particle Board + Thicker Steel

  • Storage: 2 shelf hutch + 2 bookshelves under the desktop

TRIBESIGNS 96,92 Home Office 2-Person Desk with Printer Shelf

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If you can afford to use more space to build your home office, we recommend this double computer desk from Tribesigns designed with a center stand that can prevent distractions or excessive work sharing. On the other hand, you can both easily share working resources such as files or computers as well as decorate it with plants or pictures.

This home office desk is made with 0.59” thick MDF board, waterproof and ant scratch! It’s very easy to clean as well because the frame of this heavy-duty powder-coated steel ensures stability during use or when cleaning up after yourself (water damage). There are adjustable foot pads on each corner of the desk that will keep your workspace from shifting around even if you’re working on an uneven floor like I did today 😉


Ideal for people wanting to work together but at the same time have their own space of work

Clean lines design matches nearly any style

Easy assembly


Not so much space for the printer

  • Dimensions: 96.9″(L) x 19.7″(W) x 29.5″(H)

  • Weight: 61,6 lb

  • Material: E1 Class Particle Board + Thicker Steel

  • Storage: 3 Tier printer stand with open storage shelves

HYPIGO Home Office Extra Long 109” Double Workstation with 4-Tier Storage Shelves

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If you have the space for it we seriously recommend having a thought on this very well-designed piece. Work or game together without the distractions of a busy space with this comfortable home office desk.

The 29” high large legroom provides plenty of room for adults while the 4-tier open storage shelves and 2-tier host shelves give you enough storage to put your printer on one shelf alongside books, files, plants, pictures, decorating items and office supplies!


Sturdy construction, the structure can withstand up to 500 lbs of weight

Anti-scratch and waterproof

Extra 2-tier storage shelves

Multi-functional home office desk

Lots of shelf space


We couldn’t find any cons for this one!

  • Dimensions: 109″D x 23.6″W x 229.5″H

  • Weight: 108 lb

  • Material: Environmental Engineered Wood + Metal Frames

  • Storage: 3 Tier printer stand with open storage shelves

TRIBESIGNS 126″ Home Office Extra Long Two-Person Desk

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The rustic brown wood with an old-time classic appearance of this two-person computer desk will give your home office both beauty and function.

This large office desk is perfect for those who need plenty of space to work side by side without interrupting each other. The U-shaped design has been specifically created to expand storage capacity on both left and right sides while keeping office essentials close by. The middle section works great as a printer stand, but it also provides additional space for storing computer hosts or other supplies that are needed in any given workroom environment!


Spacious desktop + large storage capacity

Perfect for partners working from home

Perfect desk for gaming

Durable materials

Room to stretch your legs freely and comfortably

You can add some extra cabinets


Not cheap, but still great value/price ratio

Be patient, they ship the top part separately

  • Dimensions: 51.18″D x 125.98″W x 29.52″H

  • Weight: 108 lb

  • Material: E1 Class Particle Board + Metal

  • Storage: Computer tower storage underneath + 3 stand shelves

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