MERIDIA Backrest Pillow


MERIDIA Wedge Pillow for Adults | Bed & Sofa Support with Headboard Ideal for Acid Reflux Disease and Back Pain | Helping with Sleep, Apnea and Snoring | Supportive Triangular Foam for Resting Legs


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Horizontally, vertically or as a leg wedge. Ideal not only for treating ailments and correcting posture, but also as a backrest for sleeping, reading, watching TV, working or simply relaxing. The velcro system at both ends allows you to adapt the removable headrest to find your desired posture
THERAPEUTIC: Its firm lumbar design will make your back get the maximum comfort. Its properties and features will help you treat orthopedic, muscular and reflux ailments
MAXIMUM COMFORT: You get long lasting support and comfort due to its premium viscoelastic foam surrounding the pillow
FOR ALL AGES: Our pillow knows no age! From children to adults, its function is to improve your back and provide maximum daily comfort
GIVE IT A BREATH: Since the pillow arrives compressed, we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours for it to fully expand. You can try shaking it for a few minutes to give it more shape and eliminate possible wrinkles. Remember that the pillowcase can be washed and ironed for better use

Color: Pearl Gray
Material: Viscoelastic foam
Product weight: 2 Kilograms
Product dimensions: (length x width x height) 63 x 49 x 49 x 33 centimeters
Type Fabric: 20% Polyester / 30% Viscoelastic Foam / 50% Polyurethane


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