MERIDIA Wedge Pillow Set


MERIDIA Wedge Pillow for Adults (4 in 1) | Bed & Sofa Support with Headboard Ideal for Acid Reflux Disease and Back Pain | Helping with Sleep, Apnea and Snoring | Supportive Triangular Foam for Resting Legs


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: For therapeutic, post-surgery or leisure uses: watching TV, reading, working, relaxing, treating injuries or chronic discomfort or recovering after surgery. Be amazed by the range of positions at your disposal
ORTHOPEDIC: Our mission is to guarantee your health. That is why its characteristics and properties will help you prevent problems such as reflux, correct deformities or deviations of the bones and joints of the body. In addition, help reduce snoring, improve circulation and relieve pressure in sensitive areas
MAXIMUM COMFORT: You get long-lasting support and comfort due to its premium viscoelastic foam that surrounds the pillow. In addition to its anti-slip system and double Velcro sets, these pillows are addictive!
THE PERFECT GIFT: Enhance the lives of your loved ones thanks to its 100% adjustable design suitable for women and men of any height and age. It has been designed with attention to detail to relieve pain and bring relaxation in daily life
YOUR TRUST MARK: At Meridia we go the extra mile. The wedge set has been designed based on the testimony of more than 300 volunteers who have undergone some type of surgery (shoulder, hip, rotator cuff…), muscle spasms or snoring, back pain or reflux, all with the aim of guaranteeing our customers maximum efficiency and comfort


Color: Cobalt Blue
Material: Foam, Viscoelastic Foam
Product weight: 4.3 Kilograms
Product dimensions: (length x width x height) 80 x 60 x 60 x 68 centimeters
Fabric Type: 20% Polyester / 30% Viscoelastic foam / 50% Polyurethane


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